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Day 2 of NaNoWriMo 2011: Theme

2 Nov

My friend posted this quote from Stephen King on her Facebook page today and it got me to thinking about themes.

If you are on track today (clocking in around 3,334 words), you’re waist deep in the novel’s “set-up.” Somewhere among those character introductions and launching the main plot line, lurks the theme of your novel. Someone, usually not the main character, will make a statement or ask a question that isn’t obviously important, but will mean everything later on (oh hai, character growth): be careful what you wish for; family is more important than money; things are not always as they appear.

For those of us who write by the seat of our pants (me) and don’t outline, it’s hard to pick out that one line of dialog at this stage and say most definitely THIS is the theme. I could point to a few completely differing statements right now. However, after reading Stephen King’s quote this morning, I’m feeling a lot better about the vagueness of my theme, because I do know my work-in-progress is about the importance of family, trust, and learning to ask for help. For now, as I race towards Act II, that’s good enough.

So, my fellow WriMos, which themes are in your novels?