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A nerd’s equivalent to bringing home flowers.

2 Nov

*commercial for Dance Central 2 comes on the TV*

BOYFRIEND: We got the Kinect over two months ago and we still haven’t bought that game yet.

ME: Yeah, why is that? It’s the whole reason why we got it. It’s because you don’t love me anymore, isn’t it?

BOYFRIEND: Well, Game Stop is already closed, so I guess I can’t love you until I get off work tomorrow.

ME: Does that mean no more snuggles?


*fast forward to this evening*

ME: Hey, honey. How was work?

BOYFRIEND: *grins and pulls Dance Central 2 out of his coat*

ME: *runs towards him, trips over his coat, and ends up hugging his legs*


Honestly, we were just joking around last night and I forgot all about it. This is why I love him bunches. He remembers things we banter about and follows through just to see me smile. So, ladies and gentleman, my word count might suffer today, but a dance party is about to break out in my living room. See you tomorrow!


Sometimes I knit things.

8 Apr

My name is Jacquline and I’m a secret knitter. Actually, I prefer crocheting, but that’s besides the point. I’m a twenty-something with “old lady hobbies” and I decided I’m not ashamed anymore.

Octi the Fancy

I mean, LOOK at this adorable octopus I crocheted. For the love all things good and holy, how can anyone hate on a cephalopod wearing a purple top hat? Answer: people with no souls. You should be ashamed soulless-people!

One of these days, I’m going to write a YA novel about a girl who knits. She’ll be kick-ass and make knitting ‘cool’ again. You wait and see. One day people like me won’t have to be ashamed of this awesome hobby anymore.

Timid the Tiny Lion and Frog

In the meantime, let me share more of my shame with you. Roomie and I are gearing up for our first craft show, because we are THAT nerdy and old-ladyish. Selling our wares on Etsy is fun, but we’re ready to branch out and try new things. Right now, I’m working on a penguin wearing a red skinny tie. You know you want it.  🙂