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A nerd’s equivalent to bringing home flowers.

2 Nov

*commercial for Dance Central 2 comes on the TV*

BOYFRIEND: We got the Kinect over two months ago and we still haven’t bought that game yet.

ME: Yeah, why is that? It’s the whole reason why we got it. It’s because you don’t love me anymore, isn’t it?

BOYFRIEND: Well, Game Stop is already closed, so I guess I can’t love you until I get off work tomorrow.

ME: Does that mean no more snuggles?


*fast forward to this evening*

ME: Hey, honey. How was work?

BOYFRIEND: *grins and pulls Dance Central 2 out of his coat*

ME: *runs towards him, trips over his coat, and ends up hugging his legs*


Honestly, we were just joking around last night and I forgot all about it. This is why I love him bunches. He remembers things we banter about and follows through just to see me smile. So, ladies and gentleman, my word count might suffer today, but a dance party is about to break out in my living room. See you tomorrow!