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Still Monster Mashing

1 Nov

Halloween was yesterday, but I’m still in the mood. Maybe it’s because the day of fright is still approaching for the characters in my WIP (work-in-progress) or the bowl of fun sized candy on my dining room table? Either way, I figured no one would mind if I threw out a Halloween themed Prompty Tuesday.

It’s been a while since I shared a Musicality writing exercise with you. Because of my mood, I can’t think of a better song to use than one of my fright fest favorites, The Monster Mash. When I was little I used to dance around the living room, listening to this on a cassette tape. Every time I reached the end of the song, I would stop, rewind it, and let the dance party commence. Whether you take your inspiration from the images, song, or both, here is your prompt for the week:

Itching for more writing exercises? You can find past Musicality prompts here or view all the past Prompty Tuesdays here.

Happy writing everyone!


Music Monday: Just a Girl

20 Jun

My plan for this afternoon involves copious amounts of tea and fleshing out my outline in preparation for JulNoWriMo.  Luckily, I have Ellie to bounce ideas off and help me maintain a shred of sanity. Act II always gives me trouble; I never know if I’m adding too much plot or not enough!

To get myself in the mood, I want to share a song off No Doubt’s old album, Tragic Kingdom, called “Just a Girl.” The lyrics express the main character’s frustrations to the T.



Music Monday: Rabbit Heart

2 May

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you! I’m just waist-deep in two projects at the moment.

In the meantime, I thought we could listen to some music together while I work on this chapter.  🙂

I have to admit most of Florence + The Machine‘s album, Between Two Lungs, is on my go-to writing playlist. This song in particular has already influenced parts of my work-in-progress. What songs or albums have affected your writing?

Happy Writing,
Jacquline Carrera

P.S. Yay, we got Bin Laden! Here’s hoping our troops find and destroy all his Horcruxes.

Imperial Chicken predicts the future.

5 Apr

I missed three Prompty Tuesdays while my laptop was out of commission. Here are the writing prompts I had planned on sharing with you, including a new category called scenarios. Enjoy!

Write a scene involving: getting lost, a fortune-teller, and watermelon.

A rogue chicken picks up the fight against demons.

When people hear the Imperial March, they think of Darth Vader and Star Wars.

This is your main character’s theme song. Is your MC a badass in an alternate universe or maybe a geeky kid out for vengeance? Start writing and find out what your mind has in store.

The awesome thing about writing prompts is their versatility. They can be used individually or together to create a new experience. For this Prompty Tuesday, combine one, two, or three of the prior exercises.

Happy writing!

Prompty Tuesday with a side of music

28 Sep

I just picked up an old Franz Ferdinand album and I’m slightly addicted to it much to my roommates’ displeasure. Apparently, they don’t like it when I play songs on a loop for hours on end. So, I thought I would post a music inspired writing prompt to give me an excuse to hit the back button when this song stops playing.  *grin*

Fanz Ferdinand's self titled album

Commencing Prompty Tuesday in 5… 4… 3… 2…

Write a scene based on the lyrics of your favorite song. It doesn’t have to be your absolute favorite, but it should be something that’s (for you iTunes users out there) on your five stars list and you know very well.

Happy writing!