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NaNoWriMo 2011: Writing Challenges

8 Nov

Need a writing prompt to get those writerly juices flowing? I’m here to help with Prompty Tuesday! Grab your drink of choice, strap yourself to that chair, and get ready to bolster your word count, because I have a few challenges for you.

Alphabet Absurdity
Use the following words in a scene: handwritten, harmony, hunter, hand-me-down, hedgehog.

Random Fun
Write a scene involving a dinner party, an anonymous letter, and a handmade quilt.

A waiter finds a kitten with a note attached to its collar that reads: “You’re in danger.”

Katamari Damacy Cat

I don't have a picture of Gambit with a note attached to his collar, but I do have one of his Katamari Damacy phase.

Have an itch to do more writing exercises? You can view all the Prompty Tuesdays here.

Happy Writing!


Prompty Tuesday seeks Random Fun

9 Aug

Need a writing prompt to get those juices flowing? I’m here to help! Write a scene involving:

theft, an ice storm, and rice

Have an itch to do more writing exercises? You can find more Random Fun here or view all the Prompty Tuesdays here. Happy writing!

Wesley, Rogue Demon Hunter

12 Jul

I sat on the couch this morning with my laptop, ready to watch the pilot episode of Alphas On Demand, drink my coffee, and read a few of my favorite blogs (YA Bound, Nathan Bransford, and The Story Siren to name a few). Then something attacked my lower back, which should’ve been physically impossible. I screamed, jumped up, and discovered the kitten had climbed into the depths of the couch.

wesley in the couch

Wesley the rogue demon hunter waits in the depths of the couch for his next prey.

wesley in the couch_2

Wesley springs into demon hunting action and attacks my behind.

I’m not sure how long Wesley had been in the couch or how he managed to tunnel in between the back and bottom cushions, but he lives up to his namesake, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. He’s spunky and a bit bumbling since he hasn’t grown into his long legs yet. But one day he’ll grow into being a suave, demon hunter with a sexy British accent.

Angel and Wesley

For this week’s Prompty Tuesday, I thought we’d have some Random Fun. Write a scene involving: a crystal skull, lily pads, and a Maverick Nerf gun.

Happy writing!

Wesley and nerf gun

Kittehs are no match for a Maverick Nerf gun. "I surrender!"

Imperial Chicken predicts the future.

5 Apr

I missed three Prompty Tuesdays while my laptop was out of commission. Here are the writing prompts I had planned on sharing with you, including a new category called scenarios. Enjoy!

Write a scene involving: getting lost, a fortune-teller, and watermelon.

A rogue chicken picks up the fight against demons.

When people hear the Imperial March, they think of Darth Vader and Star Wars.

This is your main character’s theme song. Is your MC a badass in an alternate universe or maybe a geeky kid out for vengeance? Start writing and find out what your mind has in store.

The awesome thing about writing prompts is their versatility. They can be used individually or together to create a new experience. For this Prompty Tuesday, combine one, two, or three of the prior exercises.

Happy writing!

Back with a Vengeance

22 Feb

I regressed and missed posting Prompty Tuesday the past few months, but NO MORE! As it turns out, I crave creating and using writing exercises, so consider them back with a vengeance. Here’s a little random fun to get this ball rolling again.

Write a scene involving laundry, a squirrel named Henry, and pineapples.

Happy Writing!

Cheater McCheaterson

21 Sep

It came to my attention this afternoon that I’m a dirty cheater.

Yes, it’s true. Almost everyday I cheat on my manuscript with a writing exercise. I know, shameful. But I got to thinking – dangerous, right? – if I share my writing prompts with the world then I’m a good person and not Cheater McCheaterson. And of course I have to test them first to make sure they’re not broken… That’s just good business.

Thus I decree every Tuesday shall be PROMPTY TUESDAY!

photo by Paul Martin Eldridge

This week I’m sharing one with you from the Random Fun category. It provides the writer with three different elements s/he must include in the scene. Here it is:

Write a scene involving acrobats, a cab driver, and an overheard conversation.

Happy writing!