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NaNoWriMo 2011: Writing Challenges

8 Nov

Need a writing prompt to get those writerly juices flowing? I’m here to help with Prompty Tuesday! Grab your drink of choice, strap yourself to that chair, and get ready to bolster your word count, because I have a few challenges for you.

Alphabet Absurdity
Use the following words in a scene: handwritten, harmony, hunter, hand-me-down, hedgehog.

Random Fun
Write a scene involving a dinner party, an anonymous letter, and a handmade quilt.

A waiter finds a kitten with a note attached to its collar that reads: “You’re in danger.”

Katamari Damacy Cat

I don't have a picture of Gambit with a note attached to his collar, but I do have one of his Katamari Damacy phase.

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Happy Writing!


Prompty Tuesday and the letter ‘G’

16 Aug

Need a writing prompt to get those juices flowing? I’m here to help! Use these words in your scene:

green, ghost, gallant, gorge, godfather

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Brought to you by the letter ‘F’

2 Aug

Need a writing prompt to get those juices flowing? I’m here to help! Use these words in your scene:

fiddle, fingernail, fire hydrant, fish sticks, fudge.

Have an itch to do more writing exercises? You can find past Prompty Tuesdays here. Happy writing!

ladies use pirate tea cozies

21 Jun

I’m sipping earl grey tea sweetened with goldenrod honey out of a porcelain teacup. I’m feeling very prim and proper. All I need now is a couple of doilies and maybe a tea cozy. I’m not sure what a tea cozy is, but I need one.

Pirate Tea Cozy by Tricia M. Ward

Apparently, tea cozies are awesome. They keep your tea warm and declare your love for pirates! At least, the one I found at Play With String does. I might have to attempt a crocheted version for my teapot.

Oh, wait. I was supposed to talk about writing, wasn’t I? Ahem.

I’m going to write my Prompty Tuesday scene by hand today, because that’s what ladies do. If only I had parchment and a quill pen. Old-fashioned formalness aside, writing with a different medium, whether it be a quill pen or a different font, can help shake ideas loose and spice up the every day grind to put words on the page. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you type, time to pull out a pad of paper and a pen or vice versa.

Use these words in your scene: earring, earthquake, embalmer, empathy, extortionist.

Happy writing!

Prompty Tuesday: Alphabet Absurdity

17 May

Recently a lot of my time has been devoted to things not writing related. From helping my boyfriend spring clean his apartment, so he’ll be ready to move in with me at the end of the month (squeeee!) to mourning the loss of Angelina Osborn, a brilliant woman taken by cancer.

Needless to say, my emotions are all over the place. The best way to decompress – for me anyway – is to free write. So here goes.

Use these words in your scene: dance, daisy, Doberman, document, drill bits.

Happy writing!

C is for COOKIE, not carrot.

12 Apr

I refuse to accept the “Cookies are as sometimes treat” propaganda. He’s a COOKIE monster, not a vegetable monster. Example:

For this weeks Prompty Tuesday, use these words in your scene: cat, canyon, coach, cookie, cynical.

Happy writing!

The brown buffalo briskly buckled his bonnet.

8 Mar

I spent the morning folding laundry and plotting a new novel in my head. My thoughts are full of bandits, plucky heroines, and kobolds. I forgot how incredible and liberating it feels to get lost in a fantastical world where anything could happen.

I can’t wait to do a Prompty Tuesday free-write using one of the characters. Should I use King Rick, Beastmuck, or Helena Holt? So many exciting choices!

Use these five words in your scene: bonnet, briskly, brown, buckled, buffalo.

Happy writing!