The three main worries on sixteen-year-old Brianna Mingan’s mind are whether her alcoholic father will get up in time for work, how much her new boyfriend Connor Landon likes her, and whether a small mishap at Connor’s house has infected her with lycanthropy.

Brianna wouldn’t mind becoming a werewolf – if it weren’t for the fact that Connor’s parents are expert werewolf hunters. Facial hair and super strength? Totally cool. Death by silver bullet? Not so much.

To save Brianna’s life, she and Connor seek the help of Connor’s older brother, Evan, a medical researcher who rejected his family’s hunting way of life. Despite Evan’s suspiciously large store of knowledge about lycanthropy, he isn’t able to prevent Brianna from being abducted by two rogue wolfmen looking for a female addition to their pack. Neither Brianna nor Connor is sure whether the greatest danger comes from the wolfish kidnappers or Mr. and Mrs. Landon, werewolf assassins.

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