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NaNoWriMo 2011: Writing Challenges

8 Nov

Need a writing prompt to get those writerly juices flowing? I’m here to help with Prompty Tuesday! Grab your drink of choice, strap yourself to that chair, and get ready to bolster your word count, because I have a few challenges for you.

Alphabet Absurdity
Use the following words in a scene: handwritten, harmony, hunter, hand-me-down, hedgehog.

Random Fun
Write a scene involving a dinner party, an anonymous letter, and a handmade quilt.

A waiter finds a kitten with a note attached to its collar that reads: “You’re in danger.”

Katamari Damacy Cat

I don't have a picture of Gambit with a note attached to his collar, but I do have one of his Katamari Damacy phase.

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Happy Writing!


A nerd’s equivalent to bringing home flowers.

2 Nov

*commercial for Dance Central 2 comes on the TV*

BOYFRIEND: We got the Kinect over two months ago and we still haven’t bought that game yet.

ME: Yeah, why is that? It’s the whole reason why we got it. It’s because you don’t love me anymore, isn’t it?

BOYFRIEND: Well, Game Stop is already closed, so I guess I can’t love you until I get off work tomorrow.

ME: Does that mean no more snuggles?


*fast forward to this evening*

ME: Hey, honey. How was work?

BOYFRIEND: *grins and pulls Dance Central 2 out of his coat*

ME: *runs towards him, trips over his coat, and ends up hugging his legs*


Honestly, we were just joking around last night and I forgot all about it. This is why I love him bunches. He remembers things we banter about and follows through just to see me smile. So, ladies and gentleman, my word count might suffer today, but a dance party is about to break out in my living room. See you tomorrow!

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo 2011: Theme

2 Nov

My friend posted this quote from Stephen King on her Facebook page today and it got me to thinking about themes.

If you are on track today (clocking in around 3,334 words), you’re waist deep in the novel’s “set-up.” Somewhere among those character introductions and launching the main plot line, lurks the theme of your novel. Someone, usually not the main character, will make a statement or ask a question that isn’t obviously important, but will mean everything later on (oh hai, character growth): be careful what you wish for; family is more important than money; things are not always as they appear.

For those of us who write by the seat of our pants (me) and don’t outline, it’s hard to pick out that one line of dialog at this stage and say most definitely THIS is the theme. I could point to a few completely differing statements right now. However, after reading Stephen King’s quote this morning, I’m feeling a lot better about the vagueness of my theme, because I do know my work-in-progress is about the importance of family, trust, and learning to ask for help. For now, as I race towards Act II, that’s good enough.

So, my fellow WriMos, which themes are in your novels?

NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 1

1 Nov

Project Firefly Status
Total word count: 6,356
Number of words written today: 1,201
Words remaining: 68,644
Total cups of coffee consumed: 4
Times my boyfriend scared me half to death, because I was in the writerly zone with loud music pumping through my headphones and didn’t hear him come home: 1

The time is now 10pm and I’m just now putting words on paper. I wanted to start off with a bang, but not so much. At least Gambit, my roommate’s cat, is saving me from myself. IE guarding the TV remote. He’s a real gentleman like that, which is why he wears a bow tie.

I’ll be up late tonight, bolstering my total word count and cups of coffee consumed. Who’s with me?

Still Monster Mashing

1 Nov

Halloween was yesterday, but I’m still in the mood. Maybe it’s because the day of fright is still approaching for the characters in my WIP (work-in-progress) or the bowl of fun sized candy on my dining room table? Either way, I figured no one would mind if I threw out a Halloween themed Prompty Tuesday.

It’s been a while since I shared a Musicality writing exercise with you. Because of my mood, I can’t think of a better song to use than one of my fright fest favorites, The Monster Mash. When I was little I used to dance around the living room, listening to this on a cassette tape. Every time I reached the end of the song, I would stop, rewind it, and let the dance party commence. Whether you take your inspiration from the images, song, or both, here is your prompt for the week:

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Happy writing everyone!

Batten down the hatches, NaNoWriMo 2011 quickly approaches.

28 Oct

Since January of 2007, I’ve toiled away at a project called Fireflies, making sure every interconnecting detail was just right. I did lots of free writing to develop the characters and the world around them. I tried to start writing it a few times. See also every NaNoWriMo/Camp WriMo between 2008 and today. There are a pile of chapter ones saved on my computer as proof. I did write other novels not related to the project and even managed to get one published, but it kills me that I can’t seem to write the story I’ve wanted to share with the world for over four years.

Not anymore, folks! I made it past the dreaded chapter one mark and am proud to report that I’m well into chapter three. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but for me this is a big deal. I found the POV (point of view), the tense, the voice, and more importantly I accumulated enough writing experience to do it some justice.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for me to batten down the hatches and attack NaNoWriMo 2011. Consider this post my declaration to the world and promise to myself to grab my white whale by throat and tell it who is boss. (It’s me, in case you were wondering.)

I had to do something while more coffee brewed.

Prompty Tuesday and the letter ‘G’

16 Aug

Need a writing prompt to get those juices flowing? I’m here to help! Use these words in your scene:

green, ghost, gallant, gorge, godfather

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