Wesley, Rogue Demon Hunter

12 Jul

I sat on the couch this morning with my laptop, ready to watch the pilot episode of Alphas On Demand, drink my coffee, and read a few of my favorite blogs (YA Bound, Nathan Bransford, and The Story Siren to name a few). Then something attacked my lower back, which should’ve been physically impossible. I screamed, jumped up, and discovered the kitten had climbed into the depths of the couch.

wesley in the couch

Wesley the rogue demon hunter waits in the depths of the couch for his next prey.

wesley in the couch_2

Wesley springs into demon hunting action and attacks my behind.

I’m not sure how long Wesley had been in the couch or how he managed to tunnel in between the back and bottom cushions, but he lives up to his namesake, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. He’s spunky and a bit bumbling since he hasn’t grown into his long legs yet. But one day he’ll grow into being a suave, demon hunter with a sexy British accent.

Angel and Wesley

For this week’s Prompty Tuesday, I thought we’d have some Random Fun. Write a scene involving: a crystal skull, lily pads, and a Maverick Nerf gun.

Happy writing!

Wesley and nerf gun

Kittehs are no match for a Maverick Nerf gun. "I surrender!"


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