CONGRATS Goodreads Winners!

31 Mar

Sorry for the radio silence everyone. A couple of weeks ago, my beloved and very old laptop decided it was time to die. Again. It was touch and go there for a while, but I have it propped up on its last leg once again. Here’s hoping for at least another four months!

Having my computer back in working order feels incredible. I don’t have to write by hand anymore or squint to read my email on a smartphone. More importantly, I can post to the blog, because I am dying to announce the winners of the book giveaway. So, here goes…

Congratulations to Merredith, Angela, Jen, Sarah, and Ashley! I am mailing your copies of Shapeshifting For The Win this Saturday.

And a big thank you to the 665 people at Goodreads who expressed interest and entered the contest. I wish I had enough books to give each of you one. Hopefully, you will get the book for yourself to enjoy. Brianna and Connor are a blast. I promise. 🙂


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