Write, Jacquline, write!

10 Mar

My best friend’s awesomeness is unquantifiable. She believed in this crazy writing adventure before I did way back in 2002. With Shapeshifting For The Win releasing in seven days [squeeee!], I feel as if I owe her for the years of unwavering support and encouragement. You know, something more than the standard signed book.

What do you get for someone who’s been such a powerful force in your life? Plan A was a house in the mountains with a small heard of pygmy goats to pull her sled through the snow, but I’m a struggling artist. I’ll have to use my backup plan until I write a few bestsellers.

Backup plan: write a novel geared towards everything she loves and give it to her as a birthday present this year. That gives me 113 days to write it and a month to edit. Totally doable. My new WIP (work-in-progress), King Rick, is perfect for this challenge. Consider this post my battle cry.

Check out mini-figurines I pulled from my best friend’s Dungeons and Dragons collection for my inspiration. Yes, that is a pink dire boar with a red heart on its rump. Also, pictured is Helena Holt, the plucky heroine, a kobold named Beastmuck, and an angry dwarf with a scythe. I’m not sure how the dwarf will factor in to the story yet, but he’s too cool looking not to include somewhere.

Wish me luck!


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