What I did on my Thanksgiving vacation.

3 Dec

As it turns out, Arizona has more than oppressive heat and large bugs. My dad and step-mom took me to a few awesome places. I might not have achieved 50k for nanowrimo, but whoa did I have fun and find a load of inspiration along the way.

Coconut Cupcake from The Coffee Shop

Coconut Cupcake with disco dust!

If you’re ever in the Phoenix area, go to The Coffee House in Gilbert. My chai latte was good, but the cupcakes made the experience. I have them on the brain now and it’s leaking into my writing. In a scene I wrote this morning, the main character had a bought of nervous eating. Apparently, her feelings tasted like lemon-raspberry cupcakes.

What do your feelings taste like?

Cupcakes from The Coffee Shop in Gilbert, AZ

I also spent hours wandering an independent bookstore in Tempe called Changing Hands. They have a great selection and helpful staff. I found Christmas gifts for both of my roomies there. I’d tell you about my awesome finds, but that would spoil it for them. *winkyface*

Although, I will say I noticed a few signed copies of WAKE. If you live in the area and haven’t read her novel yet, go there NOW and pick one up for yourself. If you live elsewhere, I still highly recommended Lisa McMann‘s novel.

I read WAKE on the flight from Phoenix to Philly. Luckily the gentlemen next to me slept the entire way, because I wept like a baby girl towards the end of the book. Lisa McMann’s main character, Janie, struck a chord with me that no other novel has ever managed to do. I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy this weekend.

…And that’s what I did on my Thanksgiving vacation.


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