WIP It Good

8 Oct

This morning I read an article in the NYT, “Picture Book No Longer a Staple for Children“, and died a little inside at the notion. However, I believe we are in no way seeing the end of Picture Books. It’s no secret that the PB market is niche and one of the hardest to break into as a writer, but I don’t see it vanishing. Ever.

If anything, this article inspired me to revolt. I have the sudden urge to write one, get it published, and go on a large marketing crusade to promote the book and PBs in general. It’s a shame I write YA. Someone do this. You’ll be my hero.

2010 nanowrimo participant

Now on to things that light a different kind of fire inside me…

After reading Valerie Kemp’s blog this afternoon, I decided the time has come to make the plunge. Last year, SHAPESHIFTING FTW  revisions kept me away, but NO LONGER! I joined NaNoWriMo 2010.

You can find me here. Let’s be writer buddies!


One Response to “WIP It Good”

  1. Trish October 8, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    I’ve decided not to let the NYT article about PBs bother me. After all, what happens in one bookstore in NYC does not reflect the state of PBs around the rest of the world. I work in a B&N in Florida where PBs seem to be alive and well.

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