Exciting things in my recently exciting world…

14 Sep

Not that my life wasn’t a whirlwind of excitement before – but, let me tell you, everything is fresh and new-book-smelling! So, here are things I can share with you at the moment:

  1. As of an hour ago, the website for Shapeshifting FTW is up and running. Go check it out and don’t forget to hit the LIKE button.
  2. I have an account on Facebook now. I’m lonely, so please friend me.
  3. My totally awesome and super supportive roommates got me an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen to celebrate. They’re the best.
  4. Last, but definitely not least, the book will come out late 2011!

I promise to eventually stop talking about the book all the time, but right now that’s really hard. Especially since I start randomly giggling about it at strange moments. Example:

This morning I went to the post office to mail my signed contracts to Jupiter Gardens. The line was long and horrendous, complete with a creepy old man giving me the hairy eyeball. The appropriate response when faced with tedium and unpleasantness is to get upset and stomp my foot.

Did I?

Absolutely not. I giggled like a little school girl, because I kept thinking about what the stack of papers in my hand meant.


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